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An isle featuring a landscape of wild beauty sculpted by the wind, the sea and man’s hand: this is Capri.
The island has a steep and very indented coast crowned by the famous stacks, large and original rocky boulders, and boasts countless caves with evocative light plays.
Among the latter, the most renowned one is the celebrated Blue Cave, inextricably linked to Capri’s tourist history, a myth that resists in time and continues to be a favorite destination for travelers, intellectuals and international jet-setters who meet at all hours of the day in the mythical piazzetta, the island’s square and theater of its Dolce Vita.

A jewel of history with many a place to visit and explore the past of this enchanted place, discovered by the ancient Romans, whose passage is testified by numerous archaeological finds, such as the remains of Villa Jovis built by Emperor Tiberius.
Furthermore, do not miss a visit to the charterhouse of St. James, which today hosts a museum exhibiting two statues recovered from the bottom of the Blue Cave.
In Anacapri, the characteristic Red House, a prominent element in the colors of this landscape, exhibits “The Painted Island”: a permanent exhibition of images depicting the story and traditions of the island.

The many cultural attractions, the charm of both sea and nature Capri can combine with a passion for shopping. Elegant boutiques and handicraft shops blend together along the quaint alleys to offer “Made in Italy” items and typical products.
Local gastronomy is also rich, tasty and linked to the island’s maritime and peasant traditions.

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