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Appetizer? The answer is very simple: “Spritz”.

The Venetian cocktail is now a must but have you ever tried the Amalfi Coast version? The Spritz is made with the most delicious and genuine fruit of our coast, the lemon, in particular the Limocello that accompanies Aperol and sparkling wine creating a fresh, pleasant version that makes us scream “HOLIDAYS AT THE SEA!”

In our Praiano you can enjoy it in the splendid Caffe Mirante, one of the best tried so far, but you could try to prepare it yourself at home while waiting for a pleasant aperitif overlooking the sea.

We’d glad to give You the recipe:

– Ice

–  20 ml of Limoncello

– 40 ml of Aperol

– 40 ml of dry sparkling wine

– Soda

– Lemon

– Orange


  1. Fill the glass with ice (we recommend a balloon glass with the typical “rounded” shape of the cup and a narrow stem)
  2. Pour 20 ml limoncello, 40 ml Aperol, 40 ml dry sparkling wine and fill with soda
  3. Mix
  4. Garnish with orange peel and lemon for a touch of color

Easy, right? A quick and fresh aperitif that will amaze your guests with the flavors of the Amalfi Coast. Let us know how it came to you and, remember, drink responsibly!