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Set in the mountains, surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is such a picturesque village that it resembles a spontaneous theater scene. Viewed from the sea it looks like a large crib scene, a cascade of multicolored small houses descending along the slope. The village ascends vertically, and the houses, lying on top of each other, feature small arcades overlooking the sea in pastel colors, giving the impression of a precious gemstone. It is no coincidence that Positano is called the gem of the divine coast.

The narrow streets with their several boutiques wind down steeply among the houses, leading to the large Marina Grande, a large beach. From here the view is spectacular both facing the sea and the village climbing up the mountain. In Positano’s main square stands the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, existing since the year 1000. The large cupola covered with colorful majolicas makes it visible from anywhere in the village. Charming are the small secluded beaches of Positano within walking distance in a few minutes from the center: such as Fornillo, Fiumicello, Arienzo.

Positano is a favorite destination for vip holidays: the painter Irene Kowaliska lived around 1940 in Villa Sette Santi, she was inspired by Positano for her fabric paintings; Villa Stella Romana hosted Pope John Paul II, among others. Famous figures of art, fashion and entertainment love to spend relaxing days here.
Just a few miles from the coast, you will find Li Galli or Sirenuse, a tiny archipelago of three isles: Gallo Lungo, the “Long Rooster” named after its shape, the Rotonda and the Castelluccio isles have always been considered to be the mythical abode of spellbinding mermaids.

Yet, Positano is not just a seaside resort; many a pleasant excursion will allow you to visit evocative areas of the Lattari Mountains, such as Montepertuso, named this way after the hearsay that the Madonna (the Virgin Mary) must have appeared in a hole somewhere in a rock up there. Furthermore, via a staircase of 1700 steps you can get to Nocelle, a hamlet where the renowned Path of the Gods departs with its enchanting views across the coast. Or you could reach the gorgeous point of the peninsula called Punta San Pietro with its small church overhanging the sea.



Positano is synonymous with summer fashion. The miracle of the “made in Positano” spawned in this maze of lanes, where dozens of boutiques exhibit extravagant attire worldwide. Fabrics and colors here are the dictates of law in the world of sea inspired fashion, from sarongs to bikini, from sea apparel and gala attire to characteristic bridal dresses. You can even order customized hand-made leather footwear. You can also purchase typical colorful ceramics and paintings of many artists depicting the views of this enchanting gulf. Last, the area boasts a wide variety of typical products to be savoured.