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Your well-being,
our mission

In wishing that your stay may live up to your expectations, the team at Masavillas will stand by your side throughout, ensuring that you get to experience our estate to the fullest and seeing to it that your dream vacation may come true!
A whole portfolio of activities and unique excursions including adventures, guided hikes to nearby ruins, boat trips with aperitifs at sunset and moonlight dinners on our magnificent panoramic terraces.
A wide selection of culinary tours, cooking classes, and tastings to acquaint yourself with the flavors and scents of the Mediterranean.

Let the staff of Masavillas and their local partners customize your itinerary for a truly bespoke experience!

Private Chef at Home

A luxury worth having in your own villa! An incomparable culinary experience that will make your holiday even more unique and unforgettable. The private chef service gives you the opportunity to customize the menu according to the yearnings, food restrictions, timeframe, and other needs of diners (even only for a romantic dinner for two!) while enjoying an atmosphere of serenity and peace on our panoramic terraces. Imagine the pleasure of enjoying high-quality cuisine in an informal atmosphere, to peek around while the chef is at the stove, and to enjoy the taste of dishes prepared during a pleasant lunch, a romantic dinner, or a delicious breakfast!

Cooking class

The cuisine and flavors of the Amalfi Coast have conquered the world! While teaching you about the composition of the individual dishes that you will taste, the Chef will introduce you to the story of the recipes and to the origin of the various ingredients, maybe even revealing some of the secrets of local cuisine that have been handed down from generation to generation and that have made Italian food unique and famous in the world. We will take care of everything else: the Chef will meet you in the Villa at the agreed time with all the necessary ingredients, and you will start preparing the dishes you choose.
Until, finally…. “Dinner is served!!!”


If during your stay you need to book a transfer for different trips, we will be happy to take care of that for you: Please inform us about your travelling plans and we will book a private car to pick you up at the airport or station and take you directly to Masavillas.

Rent a Car and Scooter

What better way to spend your holiday than by taking a trip along the coast? Ask our staff about car and scooter rental options: We will arrange your transport and itinerary according to your preferences.

Boat Tour

Sail with a captain aboard an authentic local boat equipped with every comfort, directly from Praiano!
We offer two types of tours: one to Capri and one towards Amalfi. More information can be requested by email by filling out the appropriate form at the bottom of this page.

Fitness and Wellness

Masavillas complex, located in a peaceful natural setting, completely surrounded by green gardens and immersed in the blue glow of the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect base for those who love to relax or stay in shape: a unique experience at sunset with the view of the magical island of Li Galli.
A day of well-being can only begin with a personalized fitness course led by a specialized Personal Trainer or with a massage from a certified therapist.

Dream, Relax, Repeat: Discover the Magic of Villa Il Carrubo, a Villa by the Sea!

Welcome back to the coastal paradise at our exclusive seaside villa. Immersed in the serenity of the ocean, this luxurious residence offers an unparalleled refuge for those seeking the perfect balance of comfort and natural beauty. With its sun-kissed private beach and crystal-clear waters stretching to the horizon, every moment here is an experience of pure relaxation and renewal.
Inside, four magnificent sea-view suites welcome guests in an embrace of elegance and comfort. Each room is an oasis of tranquility, complete with refined furnishings and breathtaking views opening onto an endless turquoise sea. The spacious terraces invite you to enjoy spectacular panoramas and breathe in the salty air as you are lulled by the sea breeze.
The panoramic terraces offer the ideal spot to relax in the sun or enjoy an al fresco dinner, admiring the vibrant colors of the sunset painting the sky on the horizon. Additionally, the villa provides the added comfort of dedicated parking space for your car, ensuring convenience and practicality during your stay. With every detail carefully curated and privacy guaranteed by its exclusive coastal location, our seaside villa is the perfect retreat for an unforgettable vacation, where every moment is a dream experience.

A ROMA-ntic Escape

Do you want an exclusive holiday, without having to think about anything, in two of the most beloved locations in Italy?
If so, then, you cannot miss on Masavillas all-in-one promo pack, including a stay in Praiano, a true oasis of peace in the Amalfi coast, and the Eternal City, Rome, where you will reside in an exclusive location featuring a magical view of Saint Peter’s majestic dome from a secret balcony outside a private attic.
Put the Roma-, as the Italians call Rome, into your adventure with an exclusive holiday in two of Italy’s most loved locations. Our Masavillas all-in-one promo pack includes a stay in Rome and Praiano!I

The all-in-one promo pack comes with:
Private Transfer
Overnight Stay

Here is a selection of must-sees and must-dos curated by Loredana and Maurizio, your Roman hosts! If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to organize a vacation customized for you.